For so long I wanted to start a blog but I was so embarassed and worried about what people would think and how they’d react. You also never know how successful it’ll become and the pressure it contains; the standard of some blogs nowadays is so high and it is hard to meet with the expectations. But you gotta do you. So when I finally plucked up the courage I began this blog anonymously and reading all my old posts back, it’s pretty weird; I have now linked all of my social media so hmu and check those out!

I’ve had to drill it into my brain that it’s not about what people want you to do or fitting with the social norms, i’ve never been that type of girl anyway so i’m not sure why I thought I should be when it came to blogging. Do what you love and more of it, so here I am doing just that!

I wantΒ to express and share things that I loove and am passionateΒ about, so hopefully people reading will find we have at least some things in common! I’m no beauty guru or fitness fanatic but I love it all the same and will enjoy writing about it. But another thing is that I also think whilst studying English Literature at the University of Sussex, alongside wanting a masters in Journalism and my career goals etc etc etc, this should help me out a little bit!

So a bit about me, I am from Essex originally, but being at uni I spend a lot of time in Brighton so my surroundings are completely different. I do love Brighton and being in a town environment but I’m a country girl at heart. I am hoping that is is going to bring many new adventures over the next three or four years that I can share with you all! I’m hoping to blog a lot more in 2017 compared to my lame attempt last year so I do hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Lots of love, x