lip fillers 101

It’s no secret that I have had filler in my lips. I’ve always wanted this purely because I had absolutely no top lip, despite what people say (my mum); I mean, even the beautician said I needed the full ml to give me a lip. What a way to boost my confidence.

I’ve wanted to go through this procedure for a long time, probably since I left high school but I never seriously looked into it; I truly believed I would never get cosmetic surgery. It’s frowned upon so much in today’s society yet it’t crazy how many people go through it.Β However, J’s sister had recently had it done which made me re think the situation completely. Seeing someone else with something you really want, I think just makes you even more motivated to get it.

When I finally plucked up the courage to book the appointment and tell my family, I was overly excited to finally have well shaped, plump lips. My best friend was also coming to get it done with me, so luckily I had someone to counteract the nerves. It did take us almost a week for us to decide on a clinic to get it done, but we settled with a place in Loughton, Essex which is very well-known; especially with reality TV stars. It took an hour to drive there but it was only when I parked the car I began to get nervous, I do not cope well with needles, I tend to pass out a lot, my pain threshold is also very low. When we walked in it was incredibly busy, but we were instantly sat down to then have prescription numbing cream smothered over our mouths. We were told not to talk but for me that’s such a challenge, I couldn’t help but speak which meant my tongue and teeth were completely numb, as well as my lips. You can imagine the dribble. TMI? TMI.

I went first, so I laid down on the bed. Luckily, the beautician, Rhian, was so kind and reassuring she made me feel completely at ease. The first few injections didn’t hurt at all, it was only when she reached the middle of the top and bottom lips that I felt the sting, but this was only the pressure of the gel. The worst part was when she massaged the filler around my lip, however, it wasn’t unbearable. All four of my tattoos were definitely worse. Tasha, on the other hand, had a complete melt down and kept pulling away from the needle causing unnecessary bruising. She’ll hate me for telling you but she is worse than me with pain and was exactly the same with the tattoos. Yes, there is a pattern, we get everything like this done together.

So, I loved my lips after the injections, even though they were overly bruised and swollen, Tasha however, hated them, despite me telling her they were going to go down a lot after one week. After all, it takes at least two days for them to settle. But she loves them now don’t worry, and hers healed so much faster than mine. I know that I bruise easily but my god, I had a black bruise on the bottom lip, two black bruises on the top lip either side and two black bruises on the philtrum (space above the lip and below the nose); basically it looked like I had a moustache for over a week. It was my own fault, I took no pain killers and indulged in vitamin E before the treatment which thins the blood and makes you prone to bruising. But at least I know for next time. It was so hard to cover up and I had to go out to work a few days in that week. Luckily, they went before J’s birthday and Rome otherwise I would have had a meltdown. The picture’s I have do not do the bruises justice, they got a whole lot worse. Also they’re not the most flattering images; but forgive me, I’m trying to give an accurate representation so I’ve decided to leave them out.

I applied a whole tube of arnica cream in that week hoping that it would help, it didn’t. I also iced it hourly every day. It was only when I read that I needed to avoid vitamin E, that I realised my diet is vitamin E and there was no wonder my lips hadn’t healed. I reverted to a lot of vitamin K and applied sudocrem morning and night, in two days they were looking great! Now I love them and I actually have a top lip when I smile.

It’s recommended to get filler twice a year, or at least that’s the normal amount. However, people do obviously get it a lot more or sometimes less. It can last in between four and eight months. I am looking to get a top up in July. I know that’s very soon to when I got it done first in May, but the first ml was to give me a lip, now I’d like to add shape and make them a bit bigger. I’m not sure whether I’m going to get the full ml again or 0.5 but I guess that calls for another post.

This procedure is safe despite what you hear, but you must do your research to ensure you’re going to a clinic with qualified beauticians who know what they’re doing. Also, read up on it beforehand, you don’t want to end up like me with bruises all over your face. I’ll learn from my mistakes and this won’t happen again, I hope.

Hopefully you enjoyed this short post, sharing yet another experience. I will be sure to keep you updated on my next appointment. If you’re thinking of getting lip fillers, I say do it. But don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I’m finally going away on Saturday, yaaaaaaaaaay !! So look forward to another travel post.

Lots of Love, x


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