my favourite Rome hotspots

As promised, I’m going to share my favourite little places in Rome. Just because I want to re live it really, and if by chance any of you are travelling to Rome this summer, here are some places you should 100% check out.

1. I’ve got to start with gelato. An absolute must when in Rome. You hear about how good gelato is compared to ice cream and you think, ‘yeaaah I bet it is’ not really thinking about how they could differ. But o m g, it’s incredible. I think it’s how they make it that’s different, but it’s just so creamy and yummy and delicious.

We went to many places to eat gelato so it is very hard to pick a favourite. But narrowing it down to one, I’m going to say… Gustioi Gelato which is situated not far from the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon (I’m doing this from memory, it’s hard to google). But if I remember rightly we were walking past the Pantheon towards the Trevi Fountain and we spotted it down an alley on our left. Therefore, it’s definitely my favourite because we found it by chance and much to our surprise, it had over 150 flavours to choose from! It wasn’t expensive either, 4 euros for a big cone. I had profiterole and banana gelato here whilst J had snickers and mango (weird but tasty). It was so hard to make a decision, I wanted watermelon, pineapple and coconut but then I also wanted something chocolatey and then I saw the banana. We were in there for a good 10 minutes in awe of everything. I then saw the kinder bueno after I’d ordered, I bet that was amazing.

2. Pizza. Another must when in Rome. It’s hard to chose a favourite for pizza because we ate a lot of it and you can obviously go out for a pizza or go into these little pizzerias where you tell them how much you want and you get charged based on the weight. As much as I loved the idea of the pizzerias and the pizza was delicious, every time we went into one of these, the pizza wasn’t always hot and it is quite pricey.

As a result of this, I think my favourite pizza I had in Rome was at a little place called Cafee Bianco. Again, we found this by chance which is also why I love it so much. It wasn’t one of those restaurants that had waiters stood outside trying to drag you in (you get that a lot in Rome, I never chose to eat in those ones), it was just tucked around a little corner that we subconsciously walked past on our way to the Campo Di Fiori. What enticed us was the lunch time special, bruschetta, salad, pizza or pasta and a drink for 12 euros, result! It also had that traditional Italian charm with shutters on the windows and red and white checkered table cloths etc. I loved it. The food was delicious, especially the pizza; definitely the best pizza we had in Rome (and we had a lot). It was also huge! On a normal day I would not have been able to finish it but since we were in Rome, we had to make the most of it and demolish the entire thing. I would absolutely recommend going to little cafes and restaurants like this if you visit Italy or any country really, I always find they’re a lot nicer than the big restaurants that almost force you to attend.

3. Lets go with cafe as we also went to a lot of these. I have no pictures of the specific cafe we went to that I know is going to be my number one, I also do not have the name but I’ll do my best. We were walking to the Vatican City at around 9am when we thought we should get something to eat and drink before entering.

It was this very small cafe on a corner before turning our final bend to the front of the Vatican. It looked very busy inside and had lots of tables and chairs with plants on outside. Because we were getting close we thought we’d pop in (again, by chance). We both got this amazingly thick iced coffee, it was more like a milkshake and it was honestly the tastiest thing, and so refreshing when walking around on a hot day. We also bought a few croissants to eat, an almond, vanilla and chocolate one. All so yummy and very big; definitely filling on a morning. You cannot go wrong with a coffee and a croissant when in Rome, it just happened to be that this cafe was my favourite of all the ones we visited.

4. Throughout out trip, we stayed in an airbnb apartment and even though we weren’t there a lot of the time, we still went to a few supermarkets and shops to buy essentials. Water, lemon fanta (an absolute must of mine when abroad), fruit and snacks.

A supermarket is a supermarket at the end of the day but my favourite one in Rome was this little cute one right by the Colosseum. We had arrived but wanted something to eat and drink before entering so we crossed the road, walked down a little lane to find this shop. It was really small but contained everything you would need for a weekly shop, it was also super cheap which is why I think it’s my favourite, also surprising considering it was a couple of minutes from the Colosseum. They also had fresh orange juice machines throughout the store which meant it had this amazing smell. I don’t know about you, but to me, when I’m abroad I find that supermarkets smell awful. They usually have this terrible meaty, cheesy, off scent which makes me wanna vom if I’m completely honest. So this one was an absolute dream. We got a lot of fruit to eat when wondering round, all which tasted delicious.

5. It’s too hard to choose my favourite destination altogether in Rome because it is all truly amazing and so so beautiful. But… I did absolutely fall in love with the Trevi Fountain. It is so beautiful and it’s such a nice atmosphere when you’re there. There are lots of cafes, pizzerias and gelato cafes everywhere and it seems to be at the centre of everything; you can walk to the steps and the pantheon etc. really easily. If you haven’t already, read my when in Rome post to find out exactly what we got up to. We did manage to see everything worth seeing and we really did have the best time.

If you’re looking to go to Rome, go! It really isn’t as expensive as you may originally think and you can get flights under 100Β£ for two, so it is definitely worth it. I hope you enjoyed my posts based on my visit there. Only 8 days until Gran Canaria so watch out for more travel blogs.

Lots of Love, x


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