review: cute nutrition 14 day teatox

I’m always seeing the Cute Nutrition brand plastered across my social media, either in advertisements or people using their products. Unlike others, I’ve always warmed towards clicking on their website and having a browse; it really is what you’d expect, cute. The packaging is lovely, very girly, pink and very me. So it is surprising that I haven’t made a purchase until now. I think it was definitely the price of things holding me back, as even though they have a lot of deals and offers, it is a little pricey.

So a little about the brand. Their tagline is ‘Create a healthier you’ – result! That is just what I aim to do. On their website it states “Cute offers a range of female great tasting, high quality, low sugar healthy eating and drink options that are non GMO, very low in calories with no chemicals.” And then, their “range of specially developed herbal and detox teas are perfect for a simple digestive detox or to help aid your weight loss goals.” They have a lot to offer from protein shakes, teatox’s, vitamins, snacks and merchandise. To get the best results, obviously you need to use their products in conjunction with a balanced diet and for even better results, exercise to.

If you’ve read my pandavita organic baobab powder review, you’ll know that I’m not really into protein powders and things like that as I believe you never really know what you’re putting into your body. However, with Cute Nutrition the ingredients are always explicit and 100% natural; it definitely made me more inclined to make a purchase.

Since Easter weekend and going through the dreaded, stressful exam season, I may have overindulged just a little too much. Therefore, I knew I wanted to get on a detox so that is when I thought I’d get onto their website. I read the reviews for the 14 day detox and much to my surprise, they were all overly positive. I didn’t want to delve into the 28 day as I thought I’d check out how I got on with it first and then I’ll think about one for a longer duration. I believe it was 14.99£, however on Amazon you can get it for just under 10£.

Now, I was very apprehensive to try this product as I’m not usually a fan of herbal teas. (So why on earth did I buy a herbal tea detox?!) It also smelt very pepperminty, and I know I don’t like peppermint tea. First impressions, not great. But! One positive, the teabags are very nice, so cute and definitely high quality; this put me at ease a little.

So, to begin with, I wasn’t loving the taste of the tea, I do think this was to be expected though. Half way through I decided to put a slice of lemon in to take the edge off. I do like lemon in hot water and lemon and ginger tea so I knew that this would make a difference and it did. However, luckily, after a few days I really warmed to the taste and it got the point I actually looked forward to drinking the tea in the morning. Some days I did still have lemon in purely because it does taste better, but it does just depend on whether we have a lemon in the house or not.

I was pretty sad when I reached the end of the bag as I was really getting used to having the tea every day. This was when I knew I’d have to make another purchase. I have been eating healthily in the week and going to the gym every day so I think altogether this has definitely made the product more successful. My body does feel completely cleansed and I have managed to lose weight, 10lbs roughly but I’m not going to get into monitoring my weight loss. I wasn’t expecting a lot initially, I definitely have it in my head that these kinds of products don’t work but as I said before, with healthy eating and exercise this definitely helps. It is also nice to wake up in the morning and have a cup of something you know is 100% natural, refreshing and good for your body.

I hoped this helped if you’re umming and arring about whether to purchase something from Cute Nutrition. Obviously I’ve only trialled the 14 day teatox but after the results and the way it made me feel altogether, I think I’ll definitely be more inclined to purchase other products. But also remember, everyone is different and what may work for me, may not work for everybody. Let me know if you’ve tried anything like this from Cute Nutrition or other brands and if they worked for you or not.

Lots of Love, x


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