completing my first year at university

I’ve done it!

For me, this is such an accomplishment. I know that there are people finishing their second and third year which is obviously a lot more important; but for me, I never thought I’d make it to now, and guaranteed I’ll be saying the same thingΒ when I graduate to.

Considering I never wanted to go to university it is pretty crazy to think about where I am now and how far I’ve come. I wasn’t planning on continuing with education and when I decided I should, I was constantly switching between courses, universities; it was a bit of a mess. So, to think I’ve over 1/3 of the way through, it makes me so genuinely happy.

It has been a struggle at some times, especially because I am such a home girl. I also don’t think I was really geared up for how difficult my degree would be. However, I’ve been so happy here at Sussex and I am excited for the upcoming years and to finish my degree altogether. I’ve met some amazing people and achieved things I never thought I could. I’ve also come to terms with what I really am good at and the direction I’d like my career and life to take.

I’m happy to be going home for a very long summer of relaxing but also preparing for the years ahead. But I have never felt so positive, especially as I am coming out knowing I have worked my hardest and attained grades (I know they don’t count) that I am proud of and were so beyond what I could of thought I’d achieve.

If you’re finishing university soon, whether it be first, second or third year, or even school and college. I hope you’re enjoying this exciting time as much as I am!

Lots of Love, x


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