review: rimmel london brow this way eyebrow kit

Everybody knows that eyebrows frame your face, therefore it is important to encourage the best upkeep that you can. I’ve had problems with my eyebrows for a few years now. Usually, it’s the “I over plucked in my early teens and I’m waiting for them to grow back” story; there is nothing wrong with that, we’ve all done it, but for me it’s different. I had a lot of health problems back in the day which meant losing some hair on my body – including my eyebrows. You know how hard it is for eyebrows to return to their original state so since then I’ve tried every drugstore product you can imagine to try and get that natural look everyone craves; it was until now that I’ve just used the ordinary pencil.

I’m never one to splash out on make up that’s why I haven’t branched out to anything new, so I’ve only got myself to blame when being refused of “brow goals”. So, it is this reason that I am not familiar with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade that everyone raves about; but I am going to assume that this Rimmel London product is something similar. Now I absolutely LOVE this product and I would 100% say it is the best make up product I have ever bought!

I think one of it’s pro’s and the reason why I like it so much is because you have both the wax and a powder as well. So some areas where I like to be a little darker than others, I put the powder on top to deepen the shade a bit. I use a slanted eyebrow brush to apply both; it does come with a mini one but I use my own, and this allows you to create your own shape. The wax then helps you not only to get the shape you desire, but also set it. As well as this, the two tones from the wax and powder aid a more natural brow. Obviously the colours are going to be similar (I use the dark brow palette) but I find that the powder is a little darker which does add depth. Oh yeah, it’s 4£ !!!

This product is so easy to apply and definitely adds something that’s I’ve been missing. I think if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then this brow product is highly recommended and something you should add to your collection; even if it is for travel, it’s an added bonus that it’s pocket sized. Let me know if you use this product or if there is anything you would recommend for not fully grown brows.

Lots of Love, x



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