mini midweek haul

I had an eventful day yesterday, running round the shops trying to find my purse which I had stupidly left somewhere. I went into town with my best friend in order to buy an outfit for her birthday at the weekend; despite the chaos, I did manage to pick up some lovely bits that I’d like to share.

Firstly, we went to HnM where I picked up a pair of my favourite heavy leggings, 8.99£. I live in these, they’re so thick and cosy and they don’t go see through like other cheap leggings. I also picked up a couple of their pinky nude nail polishes in the shades Sepia and Masala Chai as part of Tasha’s present; I think I done a good job of hiding them. It was then that I decided I’d put my purse into the HnM bag with the things I’ve bought.

We then headed to New Look where I was desperately hoping to buy a bardot top with bell sleeves, I’d seen one online I liked and I was simply going to try it on and buy it! But they didn’t have any in stock, and that is when I knew it was going to be a bad day. I tried on a few other bits but it was unsuccessful so I decided to order the original top and pray that it comes in time.

Primark was next on the cards and I was excited to pick up a few bargains. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the stock so I ended up leaving with less than I wanted; probably a good thing, especially for my bank account. However, I didn’t leave empty handed, at least not straight away, as this is when I got to the check out and realised I had not got my HnM bag with my purse in. I was convinced I’d left it in the changing rooms, but the staff told me otherwise and it was then that me and Tash spent nearly an hour running between shops to retrieve my purse. Going back to the same stores hearing the same “No, sorry, I haven’t seen it.” I was beginning to panic. It was only when I decided to head to the bank that I thought I’d try Primark one last time. Luckily enough, in the hour we’d spent rushing around, someone had handed it in!

I tend to be really lucky with things like that, I’ve lost my phone and purse countless times when shopping and I always seem to find it again. I am very grateful and so thankful for the nice woman who handed it in; people aren’t all bad. So I wen’t straight to the checkout and purchased everything I had planned to before. I bought a pair of jeans, a risky move from me as I usually stick to the same sort of jeans but I really have heard good things about the jeans from Primark, for 8£ as well, you can’t go wrong, even if it is another pair you can throw on when you’re having a chilled day. I also bought a few make up brushes, if you know me and have read my posts you’ll know I’m no make up fanatic, so the cheap ones do me fine. They were 1£ or 1.50£ each. I also bought a watermelon candle (I bought a Dickens & Hawthorne watermelon and mint candle from HomeSense as well, I love watermelon and its scent, 6£), some chokers, a gold hoop pack, some cute sunglasses and… a mascara. I watched a couple of YouTube videos reviewing Primark’s make up range and much to everyone’s surprise, their lash contour mascara is really good, and it’s only 2£, so don’t underestimate Primark they are upping their game!

From Boots I picked up the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL lip plumping gloss, 10£. I am using this prior to actually getting lip fillers next month, and some Natural Collection tinted moisturiser in the shade fair, 1.99£. My skin has been playing up recently and I find that this is the best alternative to covering your face and not wearing heavy make up. Because we are celebrating Tasha’s birthday at the weekend, I don’t want to have a bare face and currently, my usual foundation is just not compatible with my skin.

So that’s all for my mini midweek haul, I had a nice day yesterday, especially catching up with Tash; despite the drama of losing my purse. But luckily I found it so that I was able to purchase the things I wanted and write a post about it. I also went to Shakeaway afterwards to relax, I got a kinder bueno white milkshake, I forgot how good it was there and really took me back to my childhood. I hope you’re all having a good week, I need to get back to the stress of writing all my final essays for this year at university.

Lots of Love, x


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